I’m Andrea Posadas, the A and P behind APC.

About Andrea

As a first-generation Latina with Mexican and Spanish heritage, I come from a long line of creatives. My grandmother was a fashion illustrator and my grandfather ran a creative advertising agency in Mexico City. I unfortunately never got to meet him, but from the stories I have been told, his creativity runs in my blood.

his creativity runs in my blood.

Time spent with my family in Mexico taught me about creative storytelling in everyday life:

In the kitchen, there is a story behind every recipe, ingredient, and tradition. Cooking brings family and friends together to gather around a table and feed our souls.

In music, we are connected by intonations and beats. Music allows us to communicate and evoke our emotions. Music can transport us.

In fashion, there is an intricate story of color, texture, and technique. Fashion allows us to express to the world who we are.

Those moments made me curious about who I was, where I came from, and made me fall in love with storytelling.

I really do believe storytelling has the power to change the world

Since then, my passion for travel has helped to keep that love affair going. I was raised in a Spanish-speaking first household so I have been able to communicate my way through traveling in many countries. I know that traveling is a privilege, so I have devoted the past few years to emerging myself in other cultures and ways of life in order to gain a broader perspective. Those experiences have allowed me to evolve as a human but also evolve as a business and the way I approach my client's storytelling on a deeper level and perspective.

Stairs Displaying Pots of Flowers in Front of Colorful Building

I wanted to share a bit about myself so you know who is working behind the scenes, but APC wouldn’t exist today if it weren't for my team: a group of multidisciplinary creatives who bring their own diverse stories to every project. I’ve collaborated with many of them for years, and the bond we have is truly like family.

Pastel Pink and Yellow Building

We hope after working with you, you’ll feel like family as well.

Ready to get started?

APC is a boutique production company and creative studio of multidisciplinary creatives specializing in narrative visuals and modern commercial campaigns for mission driven and sustainable brands. We believe in playing an ethical role in consumer marketing and working on projects that align with our values.

Ready to get started?

APC is a creative studio of multidisciplinary creatives specializing in narrative visuals, modern commercial content creation for mission driven brands and always learning innovative ways to tell your story.

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